24hr Affordable Locksmith, LLC
Central, Charlotte, NC

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  • +1 980-999-0784
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  • https://howards-key-and-lock.business.site/
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  • 2600 Central Ave Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28205
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  • TuesdayOpen 24 hours
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24hr Affordable Locksmith, LLC Reviews

5 stars based on 11 reviews

Featured Comments:

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    Patrick Gotthardt


    Came and made me a new car key and reprogrammed my old one for free! This guy is charismatic and ready to help however he can. Highly recommend and fast response time.

  • A

    Anthony Price


    My man is a life safer. Went to Carowinds with the family for the day and soon before we left realized my keys had fell off during one of the rides. After talking with the staff and having to wait for the park to close for them to look for them i contacted AAA but they didnt have anyone available to come out until the next morning. It’s about 1am now parks closed still no key stuck out in the cold and no one able to come make a spare i get the number for 24h Affordable Locksmith from a friend in the area. Call him up and says he is able to come make a spare. He arrived shortly after got the key/key fob made quick and saved me and the family from being stranded. AJ was very friendly and got the job done when no one else was willing to so if you’re ever in the area and get locked out your car give him a call FIRST!!!

  • H

    Hahna Robinowich Hayden


    AJ is amazing. Let me set the scene a bit. I'm 40 minutes from home and as I go to put my 7mo and 3yo in the car, the car detects my key beside the handle as I put it in to start the car and decides that means I wanted to lock the car. So when I get to the other side, the car is locked. Thankfully I hadn't gotten my kids in the vehicle yet, but so now the 3 of us are locked out with the sun setting and weather cooling in a big city, phone locked in the car right by my keys. I borrowed someone's phone and called another close-by locksmith, told them the situation including that I had two young children, and the lady said someone would be to me within 20 to 45 minutes. Not only did 20 minutes pass, 60 passed. Nothing. I borrow someone else's phone and call them, no answer. I call AJ and he picks up on the first ring. He immediately put me at ease. Whereas the other company never even sort of even acknowledged that I was anything other than a potential source of income for them, AJ immediately empathized with me, made me feel like he cared and wanted to help me get my children home safely. He said that he was on the way, gave me the exact amount of time and said he'd be "honking like a crazy person" when he got there since it was a busy area and he wanted to make sure we found each other, and he also told me that if the first company showed up, to not feel bad at all and just let him know I didn't need him. Well, first company definitely didn't show up...but AJ did! He was so kind, quick, efficient, and just human. We were in my car and on the road within 3 minutes tops of AJ getting there. I'll be honest: if my dad, who I unfortunately just lost last year, could've hand-picked someone to come help his baby girl in her time of need since he couldn't do it himself (owner of a garage and towing business for 35 years), it would have been AJ. So I have a feeling he was especially chosen and sent to me to help me. Truly, thank you so much, AJ. You are the best and I know you are going to save the day/night for so many others in a pinch.

    Response from the owner

    I’m very humbled and grateful by your kind words. I’m so glad i was able to help you and your family. God bless!

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